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socks and cat

what an honor

Wow! I've been made CUTIE OF THE DAY onpartywhipple's LJ. Check it out if you want to see lots of saucy CageKitten pics.


and no one deserves it more than YOU!!!

and pix of you i actually haven't seen *gasp* yer holding out!! ;)
Thank you! Actually I think all of those pics are available to the public in my LJ scrapbook. Tons and tons of them in the gallery called "Kitten Pics" (not to be confused with the gallery called "Kittens" which has actual kittens).
hahaha! i might look later :D
That's really awesome! And I love those photos of you!
Thank you!
Good choice on their part.
You are the hot one. :)
Woo! Congrats!