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Improving an old floor move

The pole dancing school I'm going to doesn't actually teach only pole dancing. That's probably only about a third of the class. The rest is stripping second favorite...floor work! Woo-hooo!

And in the spirit of sexy floor moves I practiced a few during my work out this evening. I went into a tradition crawl, which I've never been particularly happy with. I mean a woman crawling on her hands and knees should look sexy. But I've done it twice now at the Vogue following some pole work and felt more like a baby than a she-cat when on my hands and knees. So tonight I worked it until I figured it out.

When crawling, you should not actually crawl on your hands and knees. Rather it's your forearms that you should lean on as you crawl. Of course you can't actually do the entire crawl that way. The key is to lean forward and down with your torso as you crawl. Then extend one arm, let your palm meet the floor, but as you put your weight forward onto that hand you let the wrist and forearms also meet the floor. Then as your weight is distributed forward on your hand and forearm, reach forward with the other hand and repeat.

This creates the look of a crouching animal, making your lucky prey feel stalked. It also just gives it more of an animal-in-heat desperation to it. And some partners are likely to find it sexy that the forward lean of the move keeps your back arched and your rear in the air. All very yummy when the look comes together.

I can't wait to try the move out on some one special one day. Not to mention how much I'm looking forward to teaching it to my students when I have a class of my own! Yep, it's going to be my livelihood turning poor unsuspecting women into sex kittens!

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