Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Nothing but the best for my girl

I am fully automating my cat's care. She has had an auto feeder for a year now that feeds her the same amount of food twice per day. And now Meushi is the proud owner of our first ever self-cleaning cat box. It's super deluxe too. Not only does it have a sensor that detects when she is in the box (so it never goes off with her in it) but I can also tell it what time I got to bed at night so that it never goes off when I'm sleeping. Meushi is a smart girl, she already knows the difference between the sound of her auto feeder motor (which she comes running for) and the sound of her auto catbox motor (which she ignores).

I also ordered a new water fountain for her with a 70 ounce backup reservoir. By the time I go to Vegas, she'll be auto fed, auto watered and her box auto-cleaned. And a friend has agreed to come stay with her while I'm gone so he can give her auto-love.

Life is good in Meushi's world.

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