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Meushi animated

Nothing but the best for my girl

I am fully automating my cat's care. She has had an auto feeder for a year now that feeds her the same amount of food twice per day. And now Meushi is the proud owner of our first ever self-cleaning cat box. It's super deluxe too. Not only does it have a sensor that detects when she is in the box (so it never goes off with her in it) but I can also tell it what time I got to bed at night so that it never goes off when I'm sleeping. Meushi is a smart girl, she already knows the difference between the sound of her auto feeder motor (which she comes running for) and the sound of her auto catbox motor (which she ignores).

I also ordered a new water fountain for her with a 70 ounce backup reservoir. By the time I go to Vegas, she'll be auto fed, auto watered and her box auto-cleaned. And a friend has agreed to come stay with her while I'm gone so he can give her auto-love.

Life is good in Meushi's world.


I have been wanting all that for oiur kitties!! I know they want the wauto waterer...kitties love moving water!!

happy cat!! >^..^
I'd like to hear how the auto litter box works out for you. I've been curious about getting one but haven't talked with anybody that has ever used one. I just always imagine the cat walking towards it at the wrong moment and being terrified when it starts up
It only goes off 10 minutes after the cat leaves the box. It does tend to miss bits of pee clumps now and then, so you'll need to scoop about twice per week still. But since my cat pees in the bath tub, I won't have to worry about that.
My mom's problem is she has multiple cats so it seems like there's always one near the boxes
My sister has one that works great for her. My mom, on the other hand, got one that she didn't like. The cats being scared by it, hasn't been a problem.

However, the unit my mom had, you had to actually put your hands on the waste tray where the waste was actually drawn into the capture area. So you may need gloves of some sort. Plus, the waste tray seemed exceptionally difficult to remove at times.

My mom may have just gotten a bad model.
Thanks for the comments!
And a friend has agreed to come stay with her while I'm gone so he can give her auto-love.

You kid, but I highly doubt she'll be satisfied by a substitute. You've spoiled her with the good stuff.
My cat is a slut. She'll love up on anyone, even a bag of chips.
Just make sure to always empty the bin that gets filled. If it overflows it is a HUGE pain in the ass!