Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

outfit and stuff

Friday night was the grand opening of the Blacklight club. Now that I'm feeling comfortable with some new belly dancing moves, I'm starting to express that with goth/belly dancer look. I took this silver sequined top that I got last year and I cut off the bottom. Then I wore a fishnet type top over it. Add a shredded black skirt, some PVC boots and a silver beaded hip belt and I'm good to go! Here is what I wore to Blacklight:

As for the club, I was so disappointed! I had my heart set on this fantastic new club with a pole I could play on. I was thinking I finally had a new place to hang out with friends and wear my gothy club clothes. But the club was ruined by the music. I don't know exactly what kind of music it was, I guess you could call it stompy techno. All night I recognized 4, maybe 5 songs at most. So I got 5 gothy little songs and nothing but pounding techno all night that was so obnoxious that every single song sounded exactly alike. I couldn't wait to leave and I only stayed because I was with friends. I really want to support the scene and support the club. But I can't do it if the music sounds like one long, endless techno song that I couldn't possibly dance to. I'm so disappointed that I feel like some one just broke my heart.

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