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socks and cat

Should I cut my hair?

I'm sick of my hair and obsessed with having it cut short. My hair just doesn't seem to want to grow long anymore. It seems to thin as it gets past my shoulders. And changing the color of the underlayers of my hair has changed the texture of it to the point where I always need some kind of product on it to take out the frizz. It's a mess all the time, it takes too long to dry and it's looking sloppy no matter how nice the cut.

This is the cut I want:

Of course her hair is straight and mine is not. But I'm thinking with that length, it might be possible to straighten my hair more often. Below the cut are different versions of this haircut. The second to the last with Alanis Morissette is most likely how my hair will look with this cut and its natural texture.

The one thing that stops me from running right out and getting this cut is that I'm afraid I'll regret it. Long hair adds a LOT to pole dancing. Even my grandmother noticed that and commented on it. There is a lot of tossing and head whipping that is part of the move transitions and having hair to fly around you just sort of adds this angelic halo effect as you spin and move. If I get this haircut, I'll finally be free of my pain the you-know-what hair. But I'll have nothing beautiful to toss about when I do my head whips during the pole moves. I'll feel kind of naked without it when I pole dance. I'll have to buy pony falls for all my pole performances. But I'm dying for a change and sick of my current hair.

Should I cut it?


i totally agree :)
I just finally got it to a length I like, I didn't like it when it was 2 to 3 inches shorter. I guess I want either short or long, but not inbetween.

I'd love extensions but I'm concerned about the financial commitment. Don't they have to be re-done or tightened every few weeks? I'm already spending about $400 to $500 a month on massages because of what teaching puts my body through, so I'm not sure it's wise for me to commit to another ongoing expense. Any idea what it costs?
I've been doing 2 one hour massages a week. I'm trying an experiment now where I'm cutting down to one 90 minute massage per week.
I think that will look gorgeous on you.
I've been considering cutting my hair short too! Sometime in the spring.

I think it is really hard to tell if it would look good and you should ask Anna. Her hair journal is razorbits. If you think it would look like Alanis' hair, I wouldn't do it. Alanis' hair looks stringy and unattractive in that photo.
Anna cuts my hair off and on (I go back and forth between her and another gal). I've been thinking about asking her what she thinks. But I'm not due for a haircut for another month at least and I want it cut off NOW.
I can't wait to see you with long hair!
Go with it. You might regret it. BUT, it will grow back, and then you will know.

Me, I am getting mine cut short just as soon as I can get around to it. The past 10 years of dyeing it has damaged it to the point where I am knotty and tangly all day every day. It is too painfull to try to detangle it, and I go through a bottle of conditioner every week. I will probably regret it. And I will look really BAD for a while. But, I will tough it out.
I forgot about the tangles! I have those too since I colored the underlayers.

Don't cut it!

You might guess from my LJ id that I would want you to keep your hair long :)
I see most of the cuts are straight hair which means you would have to straighten it= more time.
If your hair turns out like alanis thumbs down but if it turns out like the other curly one thumbs up.
Trimming some of the damaged ends and just getting some hair product that works with your hair might be the route if you want to keep those curly locks.
Otherwise its taking a chance and chopping it off...
I guess I'm not much help in your deciding :-/
I had the ends trimmed just before Christmas. It would look like Alanis, I'm pretty sure. But some mouse and some scrunching would make it look like that curly haired girl. And it might be easier to straighten than my long hair now. This is such a tough choice!
Okay, I say screw the pole dancing hair. You are sexy whether you have short or long hair, and the way you move is way more important than your hair length. Worse case scenario, you miss it and it grows back.

What would you tell a student in your class who really wanted to cut her hair but thought it might affect how sexy she would be in your class?

Wow thank you! Some one in my class said the same thing, that what makes me look good on the pole isn't my hair. Thanks!
Well, I meant it. Good luck with your decision.

Oh, and if you cut it, I want to see pics!


PS. Raincheck on Mongolian Grill?
Calling you now to reschedule.
A lot of those are totally different haircuts. Did you mean to put examples of lots of cuts you like? The good news is that it won't turn out like Alanis' hair unless you specifically cut it like that. :)

Pic #3 and 6 are the same cut, just one is blown out, and one is styled curly.

#7, 8, and 10 are the same too, and could be easily achieved with a ceramic straight iron. Contrary to popular belief, it is no longer hard to have straight, sleek hair, even if yours doesn't come like that. ;) My hair is curly, and if I blow dry it (fairly straight, usually using my fingers) and then use a ceramic iron on it with heat protecting spray, it will stay that way until I wash it again. KMS Flat Out makes a great straightening balm, and anti-humidity spray to put on afterwards to keep your hair from re-frizzing if it's raining or whatnot. Iron straightening is the key. I can go from ringlets one day, to shiny straight the next. ;) If you go with one of those cuts, just tell the stylist that you want to be able to wear it straight (ironed) *and* curly, so they can cut it accordingly. If not, you run the risk of it being cut for only one finished style.

If you're dying for the change, go for it! If you don't like it, it'll grow back, and you will at least be happier when it does with longer hair because you'll know for sure that you want it longer. And if you *really* don't like it after you get it cut short, extensions aren't that expensive unless you get expensive ones. Doing falls (even half and cascading falls) is a great way to add length, color, and /or texture, and can be removed before showers, bed, or anything else where you don't want to wear them. If you get a nice one, it will look very real. There are some with wig clips or combs and can stay on as little as 3" or so of hair. If you want more permanent ones, there are many different methods, and all of them are replaced, or redone at different times. The kind of extensions that Bridget does, can be replaced every few months!

Bottom line (in my professional opinion) is that you have a lot of options, and if you want your hair short - go for it! It'll always grow back, and I think you'll have a lot of fun learning to style it and doing new things with it. :)
Wow thanks! I am dying for a change but I've also decided to make myself wait at least a month to see if the impulse passes. If I am still dying for it in a month, I'll do it.

For pole dancing, I'll need ponyfalls that attach with a rubberband instead of clips. All that swinging upside down is too risky with clips. I know dreads come on rubberbands. Do regular pony falls come on those too?

And what kind of extensions only need to be replaced every few months? I'd like to research that before getting my hair chopped (in case I regret it).
I think you're confusing wig clips (used for hairpieces and wigs) with regular hair clips. Wig clips have a piece of rubber or plastic that make the clip stay in the hair when the clip is put in. They are actually used for wigs and other hairpieces that need to stay in and will hold even if you are moving your head around.

All falls come in different securing methods. I'm not sure what you mean by 'regular ponyfalls' as each person or company that makes them will state how they will secure into your hair (via clip, tie, band, etc). If you are talking about pre-packaged pony falls, most of them come with a regular office rubber band that you have to change out (and when you change it out, you also have to rebrush and redistribute the hair so it doesn't look fake).

The kind of extensions I was referring to are the heat sealed. They are done using synthetic hair and the hair is box braided (4 strand braid) in with the extension hair, then wrapped around the base and sealed with a heat sealer (it slightly melts the synthetic hair around your hair), so it is set in there pretty well. There is a special method for 'breaking' the seal and getting the extensions out when you are done with minimal damage to your hair, but for the most part, they last until they grow out a few inches...which is every other month or so (your hair grows about 1/2" a month). Research heat seal method and you should come up with more info.

Hope that answers your questions! :)

(oh, and in my icon, my hair is about 4" long. I'm wearing custom dyed hair wefts that I sewed onto wig clips so it looked like my own hair was longer.) ;)