Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Deja Vu and Sasha's great lap dance

I got talked into going to Deja Vu last minute on Friday night. I went armed and ready with my notepad (to take notes when I see moves I like) and a large stack of one dollar bills. This is the first time I found much of the night to actually be boring. Even though I've only gone 4 times in the last 2 years, it's already lost whatever magic it used to have. Every once in a while a girl on stage would really knock my socks off. But I spent most of the time chatting with my friend or making mental notes about things I want to do for the business. Is it possible that the more I master exotic dance, the more it loses it's magic? Does this happen with other art forms? Do martial artists become less enamored with watching others compete as they master their own competition skills? Do ballerinas lose interest in going to the ballet as they become skilled dancers?

In the end we were both blown away by a girl who mastered the art of slow, sensual writhing while most of the girls were still dancing too fast. We decided to see if how those skills transferred over into lap dancing and she took both of us to the VIP room. I told her that I was a teacher and would be taking notes while she lap danced my friend. She not only didn't have a problem with this, she proceeded to explain things about customizing your dance for each person. Unfortunately "Sasha's" Russian accept was hard for me to understand, so I didn't quite catch all of that. But after watching her give an amazing lap dance, I decided to experience it for myself. She took the notebook out of my hand, put it on the floor, and proceeded to give me the best lap dance of my life. She was kind enough to break at least two laws I know of in the process. We left the club immediately and I took a few more notes based on my experience. It must have really inspired me. Because today I practiced my basic lap dance routine and added a couple of her moves and invented a couple more of my own and put together what will now be the "intermediate" lap dance routine. I also charged one of my more advanced private students today to learn the new choreographed routine.

It should be noted that the DejaVu on Lake City Way has raised it's admission price from $10 to $15. And the entry to the VIP room is no longer $5, it is free. Soft drinks are also still free. But since I don't drink soda, I'm paying $3 a bottle (that's including a one dollar tip) for water. Other highlights of the evening included finding out that I know one of the waitresses there, running into one of my students there (a customer, not a dancer) and being bitten (in a sexy way) by a goth stripper.

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