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belly dancing

I have reached a point with my belly dancing that I didn't know I would ever reach. You see learning has been...well...painfull! You are forcing muscles to move in ways they don't naturally move, and forcing them over and over again. Honestly, for me it was like torture. But I wanted to learn it so bad that I kept at it. I often told people that learning belly dancing is like being with a boyfriend that beats you (not that I know first hand, but I'm basing this on the cliche). You know how that would go, he hurts you and hurts you but you just can't leave him because you love him. Well that's what belly dancing was to me. Every lesson and every practice was so strenuous that I just wanted it to stop. But I love the dance so passionately that I couldn't stop.

Well surprise! I have reached a point where it is no longer torture. Apparently once you get the foundation movements down and practice them enough, the strange new things your muscles have to do, start to become natural. New moves are still a strain on my muscles, but easier and easier as I learn more and more moves. Now instead of a love/hate relationship with belly dancing, I just love it. It makes me wonder how many other things in life I would have learned to just love if I had pushed through the hard parts. Wow.

My teacher is the troupe leader of Hands of Kali. And on Tuesday night they will be performing at Neighbors to a song that I introduced them to! I'm so excited! Even though I teach until 9pm that night, I'm still going to try and make it to the club to see them. And another troupe mate from Hands of Kali just sent out a link to some of their fabulous belly dancing photos. Just check out the stunning costumes: yet another reason I love belly dancing!

Hands of Kali photos


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