Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

true story

One of my intermediate students told me this story in my class yesterday. She has a pole to practice on in her bedroom. Recently her male roommate had a bunch of friends over for the game and they got too drunk to drive home (I think they were going to crash there). One of the guys goes to her roommate's room to get something. Well I guess her door is easy to open, you don't even need to turn the door knob. And just as this guy is walking past the door to her room, her roommate's dog actually pushes her door open so the guy can see into her room. And there she is, right in front of this guy, pole dancing in her bra and thong and six inch platform heels!

Apparently she was mortified. But I told her that was nothing to be embarrassed about. I told her she probably gave this guy bragging rights for weeks. He's probably still telling all his friends, "I was at my friends house for the game and I went to his room and on the way this door opened and I swear right there in the apartment was this hot blond pole dancing in a thong and platform heels! It's like he had his own stripper room!"

Yeah, probably no one believes him. Heh.

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