Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Media Update

Good news on the media front for my business:

  • just added me to their website as a great bachelorette party idea. And will have a full page ad in the next Seattle Bride magazine! That means a heck of a lot of Seattle brides will be seeing my website!

  • One of my students told me the newspaper that did a full page article on me last year just did a "Year in Review" type thing yesterday that included me (or at least pictures of me). I can't find it online though. Is there anyone in Seattle that has a copy of yesterday's PI? I'd like to find it.

  • Seattle Woman Magazine recently interviewed me for an article. Unlike the newspaper that wrote their article exclusively on me, this magazine article will be more on the entire sensual fitness phenomenon in the Northwest. But it should include my website and they will even be using some pictures from my website in their article.

  • Apparently a couple months ago a DJ at KISS 106.1 mentioned taking a pole dancing class. This confuses me, since I'm the only one who currently offers group classes (there are other instructors who give private lessons, but not group classes). So naturally after hearing her talk about it, women went on Google to find the lessons. They found mine. One of my new students found me that way. So I essentially got some free advertising from KISS 106.1.

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