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Notes to myself

Totally digging the Wayne Dyer tapes I listen to while filing at work. Some "new thought" lessons that will help me become a better pole dancer:

Don't fight or try to quit anything. That makes it hard. That sets up a battle or a war. And with battles there always has to be a loser. Fighting things actually gives them power because you're focusing your energy on them.

Instead, move toward something. Move toward what you want to be instead of fighting what you don't want to be. Visualize what you want to be. Visualizing is a form of practicing something. It makes you better at it and moves you toward that which you are holding in your thoughts.

For example, a smoker who tries to quit smoking is actually running from something or fighting something. Instead of "quit smoking" they could move toward becoming healthy and toxin and disease free. So instead of running AWAY from something they would actually be moving toward something good.

So don't think ahead about the pole dancing. Don't think "I might not be able to lift my body weight" or "what if it's too hard for me to learn" or anything like this. Instead, just practice it. It takes less energy to just do it than it does to worry about it. If there's no way to practice then visualize it...over...and over...and over. Your thoughts will shape that into reality. You will move into that reality the more you focus on it.

Do not be afraid of the pole. Do not be afraid of your learning process. Don't even be afraid of hanging upside down. Just practice and visualize...practice and visualize...practice and visualize...
As long as you do this you will always be moving toward that reality.

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