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Mundane journal entry

Yee-haaaaa! Looks like we have a new roommate - and just in time for me to leave town! It was looking pretty darn close there but I kept to my spiritual practice of believing the right thing would happen at the right time and all would be taken care of.

But I must admit I got nervous at times! I had to stick to my guns and stay calm and know some one would show up and be a good fit for our home -- all before I had to leave town. And the best part...he's a goth!!! Kitten will now be residing in a home full of goth men. Gosh darn. Ain't life rough!?

We're having dinner with our potential roommate tomorrow night and give him the rental application at that time. Then there's a credit check and all. Keep your fingers crossed and just know for me that all will go smoothly.

And tonight after work I crossed off two more "to do's" from my pre-trip checklist. I got new tires and an oil change. Mac (my truck's name) is all ready to go!

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