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Does anyone want the new Conjure One CD?

First of all I think being 15 minutes late for work is pretty good considering that I overslept by an hour!! I was leaving in such a hurry that I almost forgot to brush my teeth. That would have been icky. Thank god I remembered!

Unfortunately I forgot my bottle of filtered water on the kitchen counter. I'll have to drink tap water all day now. Eeeuuw. I guess it won't kill me. I mean I drink bar sink water at the Vogue all the time.

I just got notice from the King County library in Shoreline that the Conjure One CD that was checked out is now returned and on hold for me for several days. Won't do me much good since I already purchased it. Does anyone want it? If you have a King County library card (which by the way is not the same as a Seattle Public Library card) and would like to check it out I can probably transfer the hold over to you. It's my new favorite CD (top of my list of music to make love to). And if you like Delerium you'll definitely want to buy the Conjure One CD after you hear it.

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