Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

changing from memorization to natural expression

The student I worked with this afternoon in a private lesson is probably the most challenging one to work with. Why? Because she started with another teacher. Most schools and teachers teach the same way; they just teach you a series of pole tricks to do and memorize. But myself and the other S Factor trained instructor (who I often dance and work with) have a completely different technique than all the others. We actually teach women to slow down and get in touch with their bodies. We teach them how to let go of what's in their brains and just become so in tune with their senses and their sensual side that the movements and pole work flow naturally from their body. Instead of memorizing tricks, they learn to naturally use them as an expression of their sensuality. No memorization, just free flowing, organic, natural, sensual movement.

So imagine how hard it could be for me to work with a woman who is used to memorizing pole tricks in a sequence (like a routine) and just runs through them like she's reciting something with her body. At first I began to wonder if it was even possible to help her move over into a more naturally expressive form of movement. I asked her flat out if she would like to continue trying that or just have me teach her more tricks that she can add to her memorized routines. Much to my surprise and joy, she said she likes my teaching style more! She would rather learn to use the movement as a form of sensual expression than just do a bunch of memorized pole tricks! Yay!

It still takes quite a bit of work to wean her from one style to the other. It's easier to take a new student who has never pole danced before and teach them from scratch. But I'm up to the challenge. It's an important growth opportunity for me as an instructor.
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