Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Seeking your ideas and input!

I'm looking to borrow some of your collective creative energy and ideas! While I don't actually celebrate Christmas, I do send out holiday cards to a few select friends and family. And every year the card features something new in my life that is important to me that year. This was last year's card since it was my first year with my little girl Meushi. This year I'd like the card to feature Pole for the Soul in some way.

Of course the logical idea is just to do some really incredible pole trick for the cover of the card. But those gravity defying tricks require a lot of exposed skin in order to properly grip the pole with your legs and arms. And I'd rather not mix the Christmas holiday with the idea of a scantily clad girl (even if it's me in workout clothes) on a pole. My family might not get it. The next logical idea is just doing a group shot of students around the poles. Maybe even buy them all Santa hats to wear. But that just seems so ordinary and cliche.

Any thoughts or suggestions? What is an original or creative (and tasteful) way I can feature Pole for the Soul on the cover of my holiday card?

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