Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


I just closed my account with 1shoppingcart. I just want to say for the record that even though I'm furious at them, I was polite and nice to the customer service folks I spoke with. I know they just work there, and it's totally not their fault that they work for a company that doesn't deliver what they promise to their customers and has faulty software. I politely closed my account and got a refund.

Among the two huge errors they made, they oversold one of my classes. I don't actually need a shopping cart system to sell places in my class by credit card online. PayPal accepts credit cards for me from people who don't have PayPal accounts. The only thing I needed 1shoppingcart to do was limit the inventory number. PayPal would simply sell places in my class to anyone who wanted them, even after they sold out. 1shoppingcart allowed me to limit the inventory so that I only sell 6 spaces in each class. So you can imagine my horror when 7 girls walked into my class Monday night claiming they were all registered. When I went online, I discovered that not one but TWO errors in their software had occurred. One which processed an extra order, and another which actually told me only 6 spots were sold even though they accepted payments from 7 people.

Anyway, we're making it work with 7 people. And the other error they made (which I won't go into), while it cost me quite a bit of money, won't kill me or the business. What I'm really bummed about is that I have to shop for a whole new shopping cart system online. More research, phone calls, figuring all new software, etc. I'm very disappointed.

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