Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I'm a proud pole momma

I feel like a proud momma right now. Last Saturday one of my private pole students entered a pole contest at a restaurant that has a dance floor and a pole. Her husband video taped her. She was truly amazing.

What was most surprising of all was that she was so skilled that she looked just like a stripper up there. This was sort of surprising to me because I've never been a stripper, so how did I manage to teach some one to look and dance just like one? But there is a tremendous amount of room for creativity and self-expression in what I teach. It's not like I have this strict pole routine that all girls learn and just copy. I teach them some foundation movements, tricks and skills...and then I teach them how to tap into their inner diva, sexual creature, stripper, sex-kitten, whatever you want to call it. So every girl eventually learns to explore and express herself through exotic dance and pole dancing. Some girls look like graceful ballerinas on the pole, others look like burlesque dancers, this particular student's personal expression just turned out to look like amazingly and impressively like a stripper.

Girls in the restaurant and the pole contest were begging her to teach them her moves. She gave out my cards but ran out. This gives me a fabulous idea. I wonder if I should have some kind of showcase for my students where they can invite friends and I can invite potential students. Normally I teach this for women to do for themselves. But some want to show off, and they are going to whether I advise it or not. So I might as well give them a forum in which to do it. It makes them happy and it gets a lot of girls who watch them very excited and eager to learn it too.

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