Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

my night at a strip club

I went to Deja Vu last night with some girlfriends. As a performance artist myself, it was fascinating to observe the different stage presence of each girl and the effect it had the audience. Most girls were pretty isolated in their stage shows, meaning they just sort of did their thing and made very little eye contact. There were two girls that really stood out.

One actually looked like she was having fun up there. She was all smiles, but not the fake kind. Instead, each time her face lit up it was in response to a different thing she was doing on state or eye contact with some one. She genuinely looked like she was having a great time up there and it made her all that more enjoyable to watch. She had the best floor work by far, but no pole tricks. I gave her my card later and told her that if she wanted to teach me one of her floor tricks that I liked, I would teach her some pole tricks for free.

The other girl was just amazing. She came out there and commanded the audience immediately!! She started with one of the most fantastic pole tricks I've ever seen. Oddly enough, it seemed to be the only pole trick she knew. She did it about 3 times throughout her two song set. But the rest of her floorwork was so powerful with it that the audience was actually cheering and howling. They did this for not ONE other dancer, only her. Because her presence and performance and eye contact were just amazing and you couldn't help but be excited while watching her.

Her trick was basically just a two or three trick combo that included spinning upside down by one leg. As far as I can tell, she starts in a chopper move, switches into a one leg descending angel but somehow makes the one leg descending angel spin by throwing her other leg out and around to create momentum. I'm not quite sure how to do it so I pulled her aside and told her that I would like to pay her for a lap dance but instead of a lap dance, have her show me that trick and break it down for me. Since all the couches there have poles, I thought this might be possible. But she told me there wasn't enough room on the couch poles and that she could do it once the second stage in back was closed so we could use that instead. I might have waited all night for that to happen, but one of my friends was relying on me for a ride home. So I didn't want to make her wait.

It was a fun night! But I've decided I definitely prefer the Lake City Way Deja Vu over the Downtown Deja Vu.

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