Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

belly dancing

Just finished my belly dancing lesson this evening and I must say I'm a happy camper. My hip figure eights are finally smoothing out and starting to look fabulous! And I can even do them forward, backward, up and down. Yay! Now I think I need a belly dancing icon for these happy moods. I'm also starting to put moves together into a belly dance routine. I might even scrap the fairy costume I was working on and dress as a belly dancer to at least one Halloween party or event so I can practice my belly dancing in costume! Yay!

I also tried pole dancing in the new skirt and my 6 inch platform heels. Lets just say I had a different experience than I've ever had in my short years of pole dancing. Actually exotic dancers are probably familiar with this feeling, but I'm not. At the S Factor studio where I learned pole dancing, they have students experiment with dressing up in different costumes that make them feel sexy, usually around the 3rd or 4th level classes. After my experience tonight, I can see why. When Pole For The Soul offers advanced classes, I will definitely be having the girls incorporate costumes or sexy outfits. It truly does transform the pole dancing experience. It's completely different than just showing up in your shorts and tank top. Yes indeed...even if I never wear that skirt outside my dance studio, it was worth every penny and then some.

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