Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I can be proud now too

One of my students told me the most amazing things today. She said that after only 3 classes with me, people have started to comment about how much more confidence she has and how she carries herself differently. She also told me that *I* am what makes the class so fun. And she told me that until now, this kind of dancing was some kind of secretive thing that "other" women did or only exotic dancers did. She said I lifted that veil of secrecy and let them in to see and experience "the other side."

Honestly, until she told me I was what made the classes fun, I've not given myself enough credit for the success of the business. I think of it more as a my friend's accomplishment with me. After all, my friends helped me set up and decorate the studio, my friends helped me set up the website and host it, my friends proof read my material and help me with the writing, my friends came as my very first guinea pig test class, and so on...and so on. Every time some one told me they were proud of me for doing this, I had a little sense inside that I couldn't accept that credit because I didn't do this alone. I was always gracious and said thank you, but I didn't feel completely right with it. Now I realize that while this was built along with the efforts, time, support and kindness of my really is me that makes the girls happy and brings them back over and over again. I am grateful every day for everything you guys have done and are doing to help make this dream a reality, so please don't think I hold any of that with any less regard when I say this. But holy cow, it's okay to be proud of myself. I know that sounds silly, but I finally get it now. It's okay.
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