Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

what I wore to the lingerie party

I ended up wearing these flaming velvet pajamas (below) to the lingerie party on Saturday. By my icons and my club outfit pictures that I post on LJ occasionally, you'd think I was running around in sheer skirts and PVC all the time. But the truth is, I only dress that expressively for venues in which it is appropriate. And usually the places where it is appropriate to be wearing that little are goth clubs, fetish events, costumed events and costume parties, the beach, photo shoots, etc. In the real world, I prefer long flowey clothes like skirts down to my ankles and cozy crocheted sweaters or gypsy blouses. Just last week I tried wearing my new punk/Lolita skirt to run errands and I didn't feel comfortable showing that much of my legs while walking down the street. I'm more gypsy/fairy than least in the "normal" world. I'll save the lingerie, the short skirts, the sheer dresses and the PVC for the appropriate venues.


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