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rhinestone lips

what I wore to the lingerie party

I ended up wearing these flaming velvet pajamas (below) to the lingerie party on Saturday. By my icons and my club outfit pictures that I post on LJ occasionally, you'd think I was running around in sheer skirts and PVC all the time. But the truth is, I only dress that expressively for venues in which it is appropriate. And usually the places where it is appropriate to be wearing that little are goth clubs, fetish events, costumed events and costume parties, the beach, photo shoots, etc. In the real world, I prefer long flowey clothes like skirts down to my ankles and cozy crocheted sweaters or gypsy blouses. Just last week I tried wearing my new punk/Lolita skirt to run errands and I didn't feel comfortable showing that much of my legs while walking down the street. I'm more gypsy/fairy than temptress...at least in the "normal" world. I'll save the lingerie, the short skirts, the sheer dresses and the PVC for the appropriate venues.


Wow. If I stare at that pattern for more than a second, I start to get dizzy!
Then you should see that pattern while it's spinning around the pole!
The mere thought alone makes me both dizzy and fascinated! Now I'm curious.
Heh. I'd love to wear PVC all the time. I've tried it, people get too distracted.

P.S. Love that icon!
Heh, darn that distraction! Plus it's too hot in the summer for PVC. :/
On a completely different topic... check out the third picture here:
That tree looks spiky. That's gotta hurt!!
I don't know why I didn't think of this before...

I should find a time to come visit ya! It's been way too long since we got to hang out. And I should bring my camera and have you play around on the pole and see if I can get some cool pictures of ya. :)
I love this idea! And we should go out to lunch or dinner right after! How are Saturdays for you?

I've been told it's mandatory for me to go to a friend's party this coming Saturday. If you are free, I could always swing over there first.
That could work. I'm going to a house warming party in the evening but I have the afternoon free.
I'm more gypsy/fairy than temptress...at least in the "normal" world.

You're always a temptress, it's just in your nature.
Shhhhhhhhh!!!! No one is supposed to know!
I love the expression on your face. I have a big silly grin on my face now, just because of it.