Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

My little punk rocker side comes out to play

When am I going to learn that shopping with shadiee is dangerous? We had lunch and then went to the costume store yesterday where I helped her find the most perfect costume for her! Shadiee you're going to look SO great on Halloween!! But then I wondered into the "Emily The Strange" section of the store where I fell in love with all the latest Emily designs...especially this one:

I tried it on, desperately hoping that Shadiee would talk me out of it. She didn't. Would you believe I spent $60 on that skirt? I couldn't help it, something in me just said: here's a side of you that just hasn't come out to play yet. At the clubs I'm usually the the swirly goth girl in lace and layers of sheer flowy fabric. But I guess there's a teeny tiny bit of punk rocker goth in me that just wanted to come out and play in that skirt. I couldn't deny her. You can't quite see it in the picture, but it has a kilt pin and chain. I'm going to remove that "Emily Rocks" patch for sure.

Later I had my first ever pedicure. Holy cow! The chairs you sit in while they do this are massage chairs!! So while your feet are being massaged and pampered, you're getting a back massage too. I've decided that since I teach in bare feet, and 30 to 35 students per week see me in bare feet, that it is justifiable to invest in having pretty feet (my feet are essentially part of my work uniform). And it only costs $20, plus a tip of course. So getting a pedicure will now be a monthly event for me. Anyone care to join me? It's really fun!

After the pedicure, working more on the lesson plan for my intermediate class, and doping up my kitty, I headed out to club Noc Noc to meet sweetestkiss and gordonmessmer in this fun new outfit:

And wow has Noc Noc changed since the last time I was there. The go-go stages they built for me when I worked there as a dancer are gone. The bathroom has been remodeled. And the music now is WAY too hard and heavy for me to dance too. But all the same wonderful people are there and I got hugs from thesyztemof7, monsignor and sinister7133. I also ran into Sherri who worked with me there as a go-go dancer back in the day. And I got recognized by a few folks, it's always fun to hear: "Hey, you're that pole girl!"

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