Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Offer open to my friends - I'm giving this away

Today was so powerful. I have lunch with ahboodahbee today and in two hours I managed to condense for him much of what I learned in the all day Saturday branding and marketing workshop. By taking him through the steps and process we did in the workshop, we managed to come up with something for his business hooks you emotionally and draw you in the moment you see it. Originally he had a sort of tag line type slogan like most businesses do. Now he has this powerful thing that replaced it that makes you take one look and just think, "Yeah! Wow! That's exactly what I want from this kind of company/service."

I saw the same thing happen in the workshop. We were put in small groups to do the steps and when they first saw what my business was, they were all pretty much like: what the hell is this? I would never take that class. By the end of the workshop when I applied everything we learned, everyone in my group wanted to take my class! This stuff REALLY works...instantly!

Plus while passing on all these techniques to Ahboodahbee, I rediscovered the thrill of teaching. I took some knowledge I had and empowered him to improve his business and therefor his life. Nothing beats the thrill of empowering other people. If I had an MBA in marketing, I would start teaching this for a living (along with pole dancing of course). But all I have is the condensed version of a system that multi-million dollar companies use. And by teaching it, I help keep the information fresh in my mind (essential when you have a learning disability like mine). So I'm giving it away. He bought me lunch today in exchange for this information that will transform his ability to reach and bring in new clients. So basically, if you're one of my friends, I would be happy to teach this system to you as well. I'd love it if you would buy me lunch in the process, since I teach much better when I'm not all low blood sugar like. But if you can't afford lunch, I'll bring my own brown bag lunch and we'll have a picnic somewhere while you learn it.

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