Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Not your ordinary 9-11 post

I suppose there will be a lot of September 11th related posts today, but I don't think there will be any like this one. Immediately after the attack, people automatically began to say that this was done because the people responsible are "evil." It was a quick, easy answer and I refuse to accept it. When I heard Bush say the attackers were "cowards", I knew he was wrong. Cowards are not willing to die for their convictions. All cowards do is make verbal attacks and rant and complain. It takes courage to sacrifice your own life for your beliefs - however wrong they may be. Don't misunderstand, this is not a pro-terrorist opinion. People often assume that me having no opinion on some one's hurtful or destructive actions means that I somehow approve of them. I do not. But non-judgment is part of my spiritual practice. And understanding people's motivations is a lifelong desire of mine. Wanting to know why people do the destructive and harmful things they do does not mean I'm looking for a reason to excuse them. No matter how many people read this and assume I empathize with the terrorists, I will stand by my view that I want to understand them, and that in no way is a desire to relieve them of the responsibility for their actions. I just want to know both sides of the story so that I can learn from it.

That being said, will some one please tell me why they did it? A few weeks after the attacks, Newsweek or Time Magazine (I forget which one) had a cover story on why they hate us. At last! I though for sure I was going to find out what these people we call "terrorist" perceive as having been done to them by us. Because surely they must have some belief about us that motivated them to do this. No one sacrifices their life to kill thousands without having felt terribly wronged. So I delved into the article, anxious to find out what exactly they thought we did to them. Much to my disappointment, I could not understand the article at all. This was probably due mostly to my learning disability, which makes me unable to understand anything that can't be explained in only a few sentences.

I think we as a people are left ignorant and incomplete by not having at least an idea of what these "terrorists" think we did to wrong them. To just say they are "evil" means there is only one point of view in the world and that one is ours. I know they had a point of view different than ours. I know it didn't justify killing but I need to know what that point of view was so I can learn from it. To ignore the kind of rage they had against us and dismiss it as evil prevents us from learning from that disaster. And if we don't learn from it, weren't all those lives lost for nothing?

Will those of you that have an understanding of the events and beliefs that motivated these people to attack us, please explain some of to me here? Briefly please, because of my learning disability. All answers that are just rages against them or include accusations of them being "evil" will be deleted. Not because your opinion is not valid, because all opinions are valid. But because I've read those opinions already for the last 5 years. I'm looking for explanations based on what is known about the people who did this and what they believe we did to them or why they believed we were a threat to them. What events, religious beliefs, cultural beliefs and misunderstandings led these people to give up their own lives to kill us?

Thank you.

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