Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

It's not just a butt wiggle

Heh. That new little butt wiggle trick turned out to be WAY more than just a butt wiggle. I know to some folks it just looks like me showing off in a provocative way. But in reality, it completely transformed my day. For starters I taught that new butt trick for the first time ever to my one student that is ready to move on to intermediate stuff. In order to teach it, I really had to break it down. And believe it or not, it's complicated. You actually have to twist your hips around while on the balls of your feet in a way that puts an awkward pulling strain on the muscle in the back of your thighs. It kind of hurts as you learn it. But my student looked amazing doing it and that was so rewarding! One night I'm learning that trick all on my own with no help, the next day some one is handing me cash to teach it to them...and they look great doing it! God that feels great!

The whole process of learning a move on my own in spite of my learning disability really boosted my confidence (shattering your own barriers will do that), which carried over into a fantastic session with my next student this afternoon. She had a lot of trouble with the spins in my regular group classes and just couldn't get them. I was feeling great after learning and teaching the new trick, and I passed that feeling on to her. Even though she only paid for an hour session with me, I worked with her for a full hour and a half (no extra charge) until she was spinning like a pro! Yes!!

I was still spilling over with confidence from figuring out and learning the butt wiggle (which I now have renamed with the more dignified name: butt figure eights) that for the first time ever I had the courage to try crawling backward up the pole...and I did it! Mind you not gracefully, and not in a skilled way. But damn I actually hung upside down and pushed up the pole backwards until my toes touched the ceiling. Video of it below the cut:

This is not graceful yet, I just figured this out today and need some time to smooth it out and make it look nice. But watch my toes reach the ceiling!

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