Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Fun with teal!

For you folks that haven't seen me with my teal green hair yet, you can click the thumbnail below or the cut to see it:

Click to see green hair
Click to see green hair

green hair on beach

green hair on pole

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Free Web Counter

I'm getting a lot of compliments and really enjoying it. My only disappointment is how quickly the color fades. At this rate I have to redo it ever 3 weeks or so because I don't like the color it fades to (sort of neon green). I'm tempted to switch to burgundy, because that would probably fade into a pretty soft pink. But there are so many goth gals in this town with that burgundy or artificial red color that they kind of all look like clones of one another. At least with the teal, I'm both expressive and unique. And that seems to be appreciated. Maybe I'll consider having the blonde covered in a permanent teal, rather than one that fades. Or maybe I should try the burgundy first just to see how I like it.

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