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my trip

Home safe and sound. So this last weekend in San Francisco I got in touch with my hippie roots. The shopping at Haight Ashbury was fabulous! For you Seattle folks, it's kind of like the shopping on Broadway in Capitol Hill, but better! There was one store where absolutely everything was flashy and outrageous and Burning Man appropriate. I've never seen anything like it in Seattle or even LA. Here I am on the corner of Haight and Ashbury:

Corner of Haight & Ashbury
Corner of Haight & Ashbury
You can see the street signs up at the top

I had mentioned that I might want to see a play, so Jai totally surprised me with tickets to Love Janis. The show was half play, half rock concert. And the singer sounded amazingly like Janis Joplin. At least that's what Jai tells me. And he knew her back in the day (not personally, but socially), so I'm taking his word for it.

I was both surprised and delighted by the S Factor studio. I'll talk about that more later in a more filtered post. But I can say that I had a fabulous time shopping there!

I got this shirt:

And I got this shirt in black, it says "Got Pole?" on the front and "Pole Master" on the back:

I got this fluffy skirt in black, it looks fabulous when doing pole spins:

And I got these little hot shorts in red velvet:

Would you believe I spent $95 in there? And every penny of it tax deductible.

We had many other adventures as I was introduced to the delights of Marin County. I sure like it down there in the Bay Area. I might take a couple weeks off in December and visit again before I head to LA for the holiday.

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