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Good god I need a foot massage! Normally when I work as a dancer I always bring 2 pair of shoes. Half way through my shift I change shoes to help prevent any foot pain. But tonight the theme at Girl4Girl night was hip-hop/old school/rap. So for once I actually got to wear sneakers to work because that's part of the hip-hop look. Sadly, dancing in the same sneakers for 3 and 1/2 hours straight still hurt!!

Tonight I also found out what the manager meant when she once said "you're one of the lead dancers and the rest are all rotating." Apparently rotating means having a dancer for a month or two and then letting her go to bring in another one. This helps keep a variety of different looking girls working there. Sadly, this also meant letting poae go. I wasn't expecting that at all.

I got a compliment tonight that I've never heard before. A woman told me, "You're on top of it. You're fuckin' slammin'!"

Wow. Now I'm slammin. :) Slammin' with sore feet though. Off to bed I go!

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