Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Ooohhh that was fun!

I had a fantastic time at monsignor's birthday confessional last night. The turn out was amazing and I ran into...well...everybody! And I didn't realize how much I needed to go out and let loose a bit. I even drank more than usual. And by "more than usual" I mean an entire beer and a half (yeah, what a lush huh?).

I wore my famous light up shoes and they were out of control. I would leave them turned off and all of a sudden one of them would turn themselves on to an annoying blinking mode. Some one would tell me, "you're shoe is blinking!" To avoid this problem, I tried leaving them on in just the solid red glow mode. But then they would both eventually turn themselves off. I would turn them on again, they would eventually go off or start blinking in multiple colors. I would say these shoes are either possessed or broken and I probably won't be wearing them again. But they were fun while they lasted.

jonwa has become a pole dancing extraordinaire virtually overnight and completely wowed the crowd last night. And a couple other gals managed to do a very sexy dual pole dance, climbing up the pole and doing tricks together! And I got a very unexpected and much needed hug from some one special. Thank you! I really enjoyed being able to stay up late on a week night, a new privilege that goes with running my own business and finally having a little more control over my hours. But I had taught one private student and one full class right before leaving for the club, so I finally tired around 1:00am and had to leave my handsome escort behind to head home and crash. I might just have to do this more often. :)

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