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naked katana

Wearing me on the outside

So I have a quick few minute to update while he's in the shower. Yesterday while shopping we stopped at Laughing Buddha where I got two more piercings. I've been wanting to do that for the longest time! It's quite unexpected, but the green hair makes me feel 10 years younger. And the extra piercings make me feel 5 years younger. I figure all I need now is a tattoo and I'll be 16 again, heh!

Anyway, when I look in the mirror, I really like what I see. I am so NOT corporate. I never fit into the corporate world and while I pulled off the corporate look okay, I felt stifled doing it. Now that I am my own boss, I'm finally free to express myself completely, without limits, through my own personal style and appearance. And now when I see the girl with teal green hair and extra piercings, I'm giddy. That's me. Or at least that's the "me" that wants to express right now (who knows what my style will morph to in a year or two). This freedom tastes exquisite and I feel that again and again every time I pass a mirror. The me on the inside is finally visible on the outside.

I am discovering one serious set back with the new brilliantly colored hair. I can no longer wear about 1/2 (or more) of my clothes! Yesterday I went to put on my favorite red sweater. I found that the red sweater combined with the green hair made me look like...well...a Christmas themed clown! I may have to say goodbye to red for now. I have many other colors in my closet that won't work with teal green hair. Just to be safe, I'm sticking mostly to black tops and jeans right now. But I'm not THAT goth. I don't want to be confined to black clothes. I'm a pure blooded hippie through and through (both my biological parents were genuine Haight and Ashbury hippies) and I gravitate toward earth tones, hippie clothes and Stevie Nicks early 80's fairy/gypsy blend of style. With the green hair, I need to find a happy medium between the alternative me and the fairy/hippie me. Oooohhhh...this should be fun! :)


Tattoos rock, I'm a firm believer in 'em. Had I the money, I'd be covered in them. :)
That tattoo I want will cost between $2,000 to $3,000 and take quite some time. I prefer all my money to go back into my business right now, so that tattoo will have to wait.

As for covering you in tattoos, maybe you should be dating a tattoo artist. ;)
Hrm...perhaps. Know you of any dyke tattoo artists with a fetish for sci-fi geeks and flightsuits? ;)
Hey! Let's keep you at least 21 so you can get into the clubs.