Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

1/2 my weekend

Yesterday was shopping with shadiee and z_boy. They managed to talk me into yet another sparkly, pretty club top that I have no idea when or where to wear. But when I got it home and tried it on again, I realized it's stunning and I'm glad they did. Thanks guys!

In the afternoon I had my very first no-show client. Although she did e-mail me exactly one minute before her appointment to say she couldn't make it, couldn't find my phone number, and that she would understand if I charged her for the appointment anyway. I opted not charge her since she's a repeat student and will be back next week for more lessons. But I was disappointed because I had to end my shopping with Shadiee and Z_boy early to keep her appointment and had to arrive late to Sweetestkiss' birthday bash to accommodate her and the gal I scheduled right after her (and one minute notice is not enough to call the gal after her to ask her to come earlier).

So last night we did sweetestkiss' birthday Bollywood style! I even got to practice my belly dancing a little at the club. I had no idea that Bollywood was so popular in Seattle. Not only was the place packed beyond capacity, but there was a line outside to get in that went down the sidewalk and all the way around the corner! And they weren't getting in anytime soon because there was no room inside, yet they were willing to stand out there however long it took to get in. You don't see that at goth clubs or hip-hop clubs.

Today is a full day, including teaching two classes tonight.

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