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socks and cat

Note to self

Dear Brain,

Please be quiet. Oh please oh please oh please. The chatter is becoming quite intolerable. I'm sorry I didn't meditate this week.

If you'll please be quiet I promise I'll have a couple drinks tonight followed by the serious possibility of some cute boy snuggle. But only if you HUSH! And I will absolutely fit in a meditation before work tomorrow night.

Remember, nothing here is real. It is all Maya. Don't waste your time chattering about and dwelling in Maya. Only in quiet can you hear the still small voice of the Divine and be guided by intuition.


And I'm having some doubts about my trip. If anyone has any good spiritually oriented quotes about doubt, please post them.


"Where there's fear, there's power." -Starhawk
Actually I'm not having any fear about the trip. Just doubt in myself and my ability to use these skills that I am sacrificing so much to learn.
tomato / tomaaaaaato
Thank you. That will be my new matra. Ommmmmmmmmmm tammmmaaaaaaato!
Embrace your doubt. Love it and show it you care. Once you have it close, swallow it whole. For once you have quenched your mind of doubt, you'll be able to walk free without it.

Sorry, couldn't find anything on doubt, so I just made something up.
I was kind of hoping to kick doubt's ass. Do I have to be so nice to it!?
Doubt can be a good thing if you don't let it control you though.

It makes you prepare for the worse. It protects you from any "unexpected" happenings.

Think of it as this way. You're standing in a room. In front of you is this huge, glass sliding door. We'll name the door doubt. You take a moment from your walk to stand in front of doubt to look outside and see what's there. Once you have assessed where you are going, you open doubt and walk through it.

So yeah, essentially you're kicking doubt's arse by walking through it.
(Puts on Kung-Fu robe)... Grasshopper, only when you have confronted your doubts and fears can you hope to overcome them.

Yeah, I am silly, what can I say... Anyways, I guess you just have to ask yourself why you have doubts and such. You have seemed to me to be a very determined type of person who does not give up. You have spirit. You wont be defeated, you can do it. :-) Kick ass and take names. This is something that you enjoy doing, just think how much more you will enjoy doing it after you get back from schooling. :-) *Hugz*
Thank you!
You are welcome. Anytime. :D I just hope I have helped even if only a little.
Rely on the classics: de omnibus dubitandum--Doubt is Everything. Good old Descartes. And doubt is valuable...because it keeps you trying, keeps you searching, keeps you improving. Doubt keeps you from getting blindsided...

...embrace your doubt...because each little bit that you find, track down, and conquer opens a little more frontier...and that's where you grow.
heh, about the noise in your head:

"One must still have some chaos in them to give birth to a dancing star" --Nietszche (sp?)
Wow. Great quote!!