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socks and cat

Woke up this morning in pain and had to contemplate what I did last night. Mostly bending down to pick stuff up off the floor, walking around the huge room to find a place for it, stuffing it somewhere...repeat...repeat...repeat. Enough bending and stooping all night that I didn't even need to work out. Although I added sit ups, with 23 pounds of weights on my chest, before bed.

It's pathetic when a simple task like a couple hours of cleaning can hurt you. I guess I'm stubborn and I refuse to believe I actually have an injury. I mean the accident was a year ago and my car wasn't even moving when she hit me! I suppose it's a blessing that Utopia was canceled. Now I only work as a dancer one night per month instead of two. So there's less chance of aggravating the injury.

Then of course it dawns on me that I will be taking my semi-injured self to LA to climb poles and stuff. Maybe that wasn't such a brilliant plan. Now that I think about it, this plan was no so well thought out at all. I'm doing some dangerous winter driving. And the person I'll be staying with for a month actually tried to kill me once. I never pressed charges, so he got away with it. And when I ran into him 13 years later I forgave him more from pity than from the fact that I share half his DNA. Jeez, this is a another story altogether. Trust me when I say I'm not in any danger from this man. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm not real comfortable spending time with some one who tried to strangle me to death. I'm hoping after a week or so I'll find another friend willing to put me up for free for a month in their home.

I'll write another post about him this weekend if I can find time. I might as well tell the whole sordid story and explain why I trust him now.


Sounds like it is a good time for a nice long hot yummy bubble bath with maybe even a little bit of bath salt. A little candlelight, some chocolate covered cherries, some soothing music, a little something to drink. Get you all nice and relaxed and feeling pampered. :-)
A bath is definitely on the menu tonight! :)
Uhhh... Kitten, you'd better tell us why you trust him now. I am getting worried about you. Please be careful.
Funny thing that. But after I wrote this I realized I really don't want to stay with him after all.
Because you are a friend of my brother, I offer...

Should things get weird for you, you are welcome to crash at on our couch as long as you need. My roommate will have no problem, he kind of owes me after having a buddy crash on it rent free for 3 months this summer. Both he and I are good people, and would not allow any bad people anywhere near you. Plus, my roommate is very funny and entertaining!

Let me know, no harm either way, even if it's last minute.
Wow thanks. :)

I forgot, where do you live?
I'm in Brentwood. I'll email you my address and phone, if you want. Or you can get it from Rob or Christine. Whatever. Just asked roommate, he's totally cool.
Immediately, I was going to say, contact my sister-in-law, Kate! But here she is!
K, meet K. I hope you can help her out! Seattle needs its Kitten back, UNSTRANGLED!