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Girl who dances in a cage

Can I do this!?

My stomach is so in knots in anticipation of this weekend. But before I share the big news, here's a quick update on the guy who wants to book a lesson with his fiance. I decided on a two-part safety plan. First I would speak to his fiance before accepting the full payment in advance. Then if it sounds like she just wants him there for support and he understands that we will not be dancing for his entertainment, then I'll go ahead and book the lesson and pay some one to chaperon right outside the studio door. I'll even leave the door cracked open so the chaperon can hear what's going on. But when I asked him if I could speak to his fiance, I got a three part answer:

1. He said she's out of state right now
2. He gave me her e-mail address though
3. He told me he wants me to process his credit card immediately

I'll stand by the plan. If she doesn't get the e-mail while she's out of town, then I won't book the lesson or accept payment. I feel pretty comfortable with my two-part safety plan and I have no problem giving up the money if they can't stick to the plan.

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This is the HUGEST weekend ever for the business. I was already scared and nervous about this Sunday being my first time ever teaching two classes in a row. That's right...4 hours of working out!! Well now it turns out that on Saturday I will be teaching two back to back pole parties! This is sort of...well...IMPOSSIBLE. I can barely get through one pole party. Before they are over, I'm exhausted and ready to collapse. So there's no way I should have booked two back to back. But these gals really needed it that day and I was totally seduced by the idea of making enough money in 4 hours to pay my rent for an entire month! Okay, one of my rents (since I have one rent to pay on my home and an entirely separate rent to pay on the dance studio). I probably need to learn to not be so taken in by the chance to make fast cash and start learning to set boundaries to keep me healthy and energetic. But I guess you have to live and learn. And I will definitely learn a lot about what my limits may or may not be this weekend.

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