Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

The teacher gets a lesson!

Oh my god I have internet! I have internet! I moved the wireless thingy onto the floor (instead of my computer desk) to get it out of the sun. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Anyway, I've been so crazy busy that I haven't had a chance to share the good news. Do you all remember me talking about a pole dancer so amazing that she could hold on to the pole while upside down, put her feet on the ceiling, and walk around the pole on the ceiling? Well I've been hoping to find her and she finally found me online. So I'm taking some lessons from her to try and learn that trick.

The first step was this easier trick, which I did for the first time tonight!:

brass monkey

It may not look like much, especially compared to my other inverted tricks. But hanging upside down without your torso near the pole is quite scary. All of my other inverted tricks keep either my stomach, my chest, my side or my back against or near the pole or at least keep both legs around the pole. That provides extra breaks to keep from slipping as well as the safe feeling that if you start to fall, you can just wrap your body around the pole or grip tighter with both legs. With this trick, if you start to fall, you're kind of screwed. You would just fall over backwards or fall down face first. So it's much scarier than it looks. The feeling of accomplishment from this new trick I learned tonight will probably last for days, I love this buzz!

I also picked up some new floor work transitions from her. Because of the learning disability, I have to write everything I learn down in detail. Because I will forget the trick within a few days and have to look at my notes and learn it all over like it's new...and forget a week later...and read the notes and learn it again...wash, rinse, repeat. But some of the floor work she was teaching me had so many components that I finally just had her take pictures so I can look at the pictures and re-remember the trick that way after I forget it. So they look kind of like this:

Those pics are all one fluid move when done together. It's just a simple transition from being on the floor to being ready to stand up. But when you're doing a spin that lands you on the floor, the creative ways you get up are an important part of the routine. I had her take pictures of one other floor transition I learned from her, and now I can refer to the pictures and practice them.

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