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pole party

I learned a lot hosting last night's pole party. One important thing I want to remember: music is the key to getting the girls to do their solo performances at the end. They are all crazy and fun on the pole until the end of the party when I tell them it's time to go solo. Then they clam up. But as soon as you pull out their favorite songs, they're ready to go!

The compliments alone from the party goers are worth more than the money. The first one was when the very first girl arrived. She took one look at my studio and said, "WOW." That means a lot to me that my studio blows them away. I'm really self conscious about the studio space, when in reality, I have nothing to worry about. Girls love it!

At the end of the party, in addition to all the thanks, one girl told me I was a "sweetheart." Another gave me a hug. Wow. They not only like me as an instructor, they really appreciate other aspects of me. That's totally and completely unexpected.

My supportiveness is really appreciated by these girls and I've come to a conclusion. It's not just my learning disabilities that make me a good instructor. I have a history of being bullied that goes all the way back to grade school. The people that were supposed to be responsible for raising me, kept moving a lot. So I was always the new kid in school. I arrived every school year without a group of friends (they were all left behind in different states) and so I was an easy target for bullying. After high school I escaped it for years, until I joined the Seattle goth scene. My learning disabilies often make me look slow or not very bright. And once the goth folk saw I was disabled, I became a target of bullying again. As a result, I think I've developed a higher sense of compassion than the average bear. I've been through it all; disabilities, bullying, violence, etc. So I connect with my students with a strong desire to support them and encourage them when their weaknesses come up (so they won't have to feel what I felt going through all that). And who doesn't like a teacher who encourages them and supports them through something they are self conscious about? I am the anti-bully in my classes. The irony? I owe my success to bullies. How blessed I am to finally find something I can do with my life that benefits from all the hardships I've experienced.

Dancing on the pole is sexy, liberating and fun! It is definitely an experience every woman should try.


The party was amazing! It really brought out the sassy, sexy and fun side to everyone. I highly recommend this to anyone. The instructor is extremely professional and has an awesome studio space to play in!


Very fun! The Party was really well paced and the instructor is very encouraging and helped me drop my guard. We were here for a birthday party and we all had fun. Fabulous for a group!


A fantastic way to express your inner diva through dancing.


A glorious celebration of our inner divas! Any/every woman would benefit from accessing her inner pole dancer.


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