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Cage Kitten ABS

no Confessional tonight for me

I'm really sad that I can't be at Confessional tonight. The theme this month is "show some skin" and lord knows I have a dress or two that is waiting for just such an occasion. I have a pole party booked this evening, I'll be teaching 9 girls to let loose and discover their inner pole dancer. And since this is what I do for a living now, I'm essentially "working" tonight.


Well, we thank you for using the icon that shows us some skin, even if you wont be there in person.
Why don't you start the class as usual then move the whole group to Vogue as a "field trip"?
You can show them/get them to try pole dancing in front of people, plus give them a chance to try a spinning pole.
I love this idea! Unfortunately pole parties really take it out of me. They are really hard work because you have to be both an instructor AND a baby sitter for a bunch of giggling, squealing, excited girls that are more interested in partying than following dance instruction. Don't get me wrong, I love the work. But at the end of a pole party I'm pretty exhausted from wrangling a bunch of rowdy hot girls and I just want to collapse. It's unlikely I would have the energy to get dressed up and go out afterward.
Darlin', was this response designed to convince me that its not a good idea for you to bring your class to Confessional? A bunch of excited, squealing, hot girls who want to party and you all worn out and sweaty.
If you were trying to convince me I had a bad idea you really missed the mark.
I think that's a swell idea!
You're only making me feel guilty about not being able to go, on top of feeling sad that I can't go. :(
I'm sorry. :(
But I can go next month!
Great minds and all that.