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Saturday night's pole party was amazing! Hiring jonwa as my pole installer was the best idea ever. That damn pole in the case is so heavy that I can't even carry it to my car. He carries is, drives it, and installs it and then takes off for 2 hours while I teach the party. He even did a few tricks on the pole after installation to make sure it was sturdy! The girls loved it.

Once again, the girls had a fantastic time. See the testimonials they gave me, below the cut. But there certainly were some disadvantages to doing a party in some one's home instead of in my studio. For one thing, there was food everywhere. They were stuffing their faces with pizza and strawberries and brownies and I was dying for some of the yummy stuff. But of course I'm being paid to be there, I'm not a guest, so I didn't even ask for any. They also kept making drinks and drinking all through the party. None of them got too drunk, so I let it slide. And they knew the rules in advance, anyone too tipsy is not allowed on the pole.

As challenging as these parties can be, they are starting to grow on me. Just look at the testimonials and see the one by the girl who said she reached "whole new level with my sexuality." I feel like it's now my profession and mission to make every woman in King County feel sexier and more party and class at a time!

This was the perfect activity for an amazing and original bachelorette party. So much fun, we'd love to do it again.


I really enjoyed my experience as a first time pole dancer. I think I am at a whole new level with my sexuality. Thanks!


Best entertainment for a bachelorette party. Not only were you outstanding on the pole, but you did a great job of teaching and coaching us too. Thanks for being so flexible in what you taught us and having a great attitude. We had lots of fun and definitely learned some great moves! Thank you!


What a fun and unique experience. I didn't know what to expect, the class definitely exceeded my expectations and will give me something to share with my husband!


The best bachelorette idea I've ever had. The Instructor was absolutely wonderful and made me feel very comfortable.


I never though that pole dancing could be so fun and so difficult! It's a blast - I want a pole for my home.


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