Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Can't quite catch up this morning

You all have heard this before, so I apologize. Frenzied busy weekend meant no reading my friends list. And I'm not able to tackle the 800 post back up because I've got some business stuff waiting for me this morning (I didn't check my Pole For The Soul e-mail all weekend). So if you posted anything over the weekend you would like me to see, please post a link!

Med Fest was fabulous yesterday! It was belly dancing heaven! There were performers non-stop on two stages, all day long. And much to my surprise, alexandrrrrra's dancing group included a male belly dancer! Watching a long haired boy in eyeliner doing those moves made me weak in the knees! I damn near fainted. Here's a pic, you can see him on the left.


alexandrrrrra and gargoylettelc were fabulous and I'll be posting a link to a video later (friends only).

One of the things I noticed during the performances was that a heck of a lot of the dancers were gals in their 40's, 50's, 60's and possibly later. And all of them looked beautiful and sexy up there on stage! I think women are discovering belly dancing later in life as a way to feel sexy and beautiful, and I love that! I also noticed that since I've started up with belly dancing lessons again lately, a lot of the dancing is completely demystified for me. I used to look in awe at belly dancing as a flow of amazing and impossible moves. Now I see them as broken down series of moves put together one after the other in a way that I'm sure I can do soon. Yay!

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