Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

busy day, busier day tomorrow

I haven't had a chance to read my friends list yet, I've spent the entire morning getting ready for the pole party on Saturday. I printed up some waivers and designed an entirely new feedback form. The last time I hosted a party I was kicking myself for not having feedback forms since the girls were squealing and screaming about how much fun they had. This time I not only have one, but I included a place for them to write in their e-mail if they want to be added to my mailing list. I also worked on a more simplified lesson plan.

The first time I ever taught a group was just about a year ago, at a party, with just one pole. But other than that, I'm spoiled and used to doing groups in my own studio with 3 poles. Now I'm actually nervous doing a home party with just one pole. I had to really simplify my lesson plan since girls can only go one at a time, they need to be able to learn a little bit faster than when they could go three at a time (in order to fit the party in just 2 hours). The good news is, this is going to push me past my nervousness and make home pole parties an option for me in the future. Yay!

Tomorrow I'm going to try and fit in some errand running (I desperately need an organizer for my business and some supplies for the party), a matinee with friends, and then practicing the portable pole assembly and heading off to the party. The busy day will probably go straight from 9:00am to midnight, then I collapse.

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