Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

don't mess with my mojo

I just deleted my last post. Here's the deal with that. Everything I post is up for comments, debate, criticism, or whatever. Everything except my spiritual practice. That's not up for debate.

When I read a post by some one Christian, I don't post comments with opinions criticizing the Bible and why they might be wrong. When I see a post about Judaism, I don't start giving all the reasons why I don't practice Jewish traditions. I respect everyone's spiritual and religious philosophy and while I may ask questions for clarity or to learn more, I don't give apposing views unless they are requested.

It's not that I don't examine and ask questions of my own philosophies. But what I believe in and what I practice is based on years of exploring and trying out for myself what works and what doesn't work. I'm done with the questioning. I found the answers I needed long ago and I prefer to move on to finding even more new philosophies and answers rather than going backward by debating the ones that I have already seen proof of working for me and those who share a similar path.

And finally, why tear down something that helped me overcome the odds? I grew up in a violent and scary home. Statistically I should be a criminal, or a failure, or a bitter, angry person. My spiritual practice has empowered into a positive direction instead. I've been the victim of abuse you probably you can't even imagine, not to mention more betrayals that I ever expected in one still short lifetime. Yet I continue to work toward trusting people, just adding more caution to my interactions rather than never trusting again. I owe so much of that to my spiritual beliefs. And given the severity of my learning disabilities and the number of fantastic and wonderful jobs that I've lost as a result of them (over and over again) I should have given up on myself years ago and settled for a miserable low paying fast food job rather than being a business owner. That belief in myself that empowered me to overcome the odds did not just come from my friends (though the support you all gave me was instrumental in making this venture successful!), it also came from a spiritual philosophy that makes my potential unlimited in spite of my history.

It is a simple fact, statistically (with my upbringing) I should be bitter, angry, miserable, afraid or dead. But I believe in something that empowers me every day of my life to overcome the odds and live a strong life that moves me on a journey toward the direction of forgiveness, healing, compassion, success, fulfillment and connection. So while I'm sure some of the comments regarding what I believe in were intended just to stimulate a friendly debate, this is one area of my life I prefer to simply live as is, rather than defend. I have no desire to debate a philosophy that serves me and makes me a better being.

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