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lingerie pics and charity

You have no idea how much courage it took for me to post these pictures. I had a fantastic time modeling the little thing that sriddle7 got me for my birthday. It just made me feel good. :) But in my experience, posting these kinds of pics can sometimes ruffle a few feathers. I decided to do it ruffle away!

But before you click the cut to see them, check out my charity auction! I put one spot in my classes up on eBay to benefit an organization that assists in the care of abused and neglected children. And I hope to have many more opportunties with my business to give back to the community:

Pole Dance for Children!

It's not actually free to run a charity auction. eBay still charges you the listing and final value fees. So 95% of the auction proceeds benefits the organization and 5% pays for the eBay fees. Then, after charging me the fees, eBay donates the fees back to the organization.

With this one I used a PhotoShop filter called "poster edges." It gives it that cool comic book feel. It also softens it up a bit, since I thought the lighting was a bit harsh.

Ha! I feel like a real pole dancer now!

I had so much fun with that, that I've decided for my birthday next year all I want is more lingerie! In fact, let's make it a theme. I'll have a "sexy party" so everyone can show up in whatever makes them feel sexy. I can't wait!

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