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socks and cat

nothin' but lace

Sooo...you know the lingerie that sriddle7 got me for my birthday? I ended up taking pictures in it. Now I'm trying to work up the courage to post a couple of the pics. Modesty winning out thus far. How boring.


I usually encourage trying bold moves that you're nervious about, as it tends to embolden oneself in many aspects. And of course, obviously, I'm sure we'd love the pictures.

That said, we'd also understand if you're uncomfortable posting such things. Everyone has limits, and only you can truely know yours. ^^ Hope the pictures at least turned out good!
What he said. And even if it means never seeing the perfection that is those pictures, the rest of what he said too.
I can come over and let you model it for me.. then give you my opinion if you shoul dpost the pictures.
I'm all about seeing pics. ;)
does majority win over modesty??? 'cuz my vote is for pictures!!! I'm sure you look amazing :)
*HUGS* *GRIN* Only if ur comfortable posting it will I truly cherish seeing them.