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A new chapter in the Kitten life begins - the empowered one!

It's official!:

I just made my $200 deposit with the pole dancing school in Los Angeles. There is no backing out at this point! I will start with class 2 on Wednesday November 5th at 10:00am. I will take a combination of classes and private instruction for 3 to 5 weeks.

While I will have my classes with the school's founder Sheila Kelley, my private intensive lessons will be with a different instructor. This is because Sheila Kelley charges $250 an hour for private instruction. So if anyone wonders why I'm investing a huge amount of money and time into this, that's part of the reason why! Granted she has years of experience and training. I don't expect to come back here and make that kind of money teaching. But the amount she makes just proves how in demand this skill is. It proves what women are willing to pay for it. There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to make a living teaching if I stick with this and persist and push myself and continue my dance education.

Wow. This is real. What an adventure!

And now the boring part.

- email friends in LA to let them know I'm coming (Brian, Kim, Scott J., Dan P., Carl, etc.)

- write snail mail to grandmother letting her know I will be in town

- call aunt in Fresno to make arrangements to sleep over on the drive down

- go to Hostelling International office and get a list of all hostels in Oregon (for place to sleep on the drive down).

- purchase new tires

- figure out why check engine light is still on

- make a list of clothes to pack (include work out and dance clothes and job interview type stuff).

- research goth clubs in LA

- purchase gas can to have extra gas in case of emergency

- call cell phone provider about adding extra minutes for one month

- get lenses in my glasses fixed

- buy pre-paid priority mail envelopes so roommate can send me my mail

- check my PO box right before I leave (so it doesn't back up)

- let Alexander know so he doesn't snail mail me in November

- get oil changed in car

My apologies to friends I've been meaning to get together with but haven't scheduled with yet. It might not be possible before I leave. At this point I have to give priority to trip preparation and daily work outs. It will be a waste of my money if I go down there without enough muscle tone and strength to pull myself and swing myself around that pole. It is imperative that I work out almost every evening after work. And by Halloween expect to see at least some improvement in muslce tone as well as one kick ass set of abs. If you thought they were toned before wait until you see my pre-pole school abs. Woo-hooooo!

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