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socks and cat


I have a designer's eye and often see potential in bits and pieces of clothing that I can make into something. sriddle7 asked me what I want for my birthday (you know, the one that seems to be dragging on for months now) and I told him this:

You see I *love* criss crossy strappy things, they make me feel pretty and happy when I wear them. And of course I'm happy to wear anything that draws attention to my abs (because I worked so hard to get them). So for clubwear, I'm going to let those little panties peak out over the top of a sheer black skirt. So perhaps the next time you see me at the club, I'll be wearing this:


Are you going to have mercy on those of use seperated from your normal clubbing environment by several thousand miles and post some pictures? Cause just imagining you wearing that makes my mouth ache to say WOW.
You know I will. But pictures in the skirt version, NOT the lingerie version.
hehe, okay, I'll take what I can get.
You definitely have the body to pull those off!

smokin' hot!!!
That would be WAY hot on you!!
I am SUPER envious of your hot body. And I TOTALLY would flaunt it if I'd worked as hard as you have! You HAVE to post pictures of the outfit!!! :)
The grass is always greener...as they say. I'm envious of gals who have more curves than I do!
I didn't know you actually GOT it!! AWESOME!