Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

How do I cool my dance studio?

The dance studio needs to be cooler NOW. Even with a fan, my students found their hands getting sweaty which made the poles icky and slippery. My two options are:

#1 A portable air conditioner. Click here to see this one, one of the least expensive models I could find. But portable air conditioners appear to come with tubes out the back to blow out hot air. And you have to leave your window open to put the tubes out. And if the window is open, doesn't that defeat the air conditioner, letting the cool air out the window?

#2 An air cooler
Here's what they look like:
air cooler
This seems like the best option. For one thing it's about $300 cheaper than an air conditioner. And it does not require any tubes out the back. However, it cools the air by blowing evaporating moisture into the room. And if this moisture gets on the poles, it's slide and slip city, with possible injuries to boot.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Has anyone seen portable air conditioners under $400 that do NOT have tubes out the back that have to go out your window? And can you think of any places other than Target, Sears and Bed, Bath & Beyond that might have a good selection of portable air conditioners?

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