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Vampire Ball pictures

So I think most of you have seen this picture of me with a hearse and coffin from the Portland Vampire Ball. But I haven't had a chance yet to post the rest of them. First a big thank you to goddessmikhail and her beloved for being such wonderful hosts. They made me the most wonderful dinner too! And thank you to winneganfake who not only gave me my ride to Portland and provided great company on the trip, but got me back to Seattle on Sunday with more than enough to time to get ready and teach class on Sunday.

Pics are large, and not dial-up friendly:

This is how I did my hair for the ball. Note the long black sparkly strips of fabric I tied into my hair fall.

Recognize the rhinestone ribbon in my hair? It's some of the same ribbon I used to make Meushi's collar.

My lovely hosts, just before we left for the ball.

Me in my velvet dress, just before we left.

Three beauties at the ball.

There were lots of performances, including the lovely vienna_la_rouge in one of the gorgeous costumes she makes.

And there were fire dancers!

Me and synthcat. He looks so handsome in his derby hat!

This lovely lady with me is Lady Vampire. Hey if you're out there LV, I couldn't find you on LJ because of all the varying ways to spell Vampire Girl.

A new friend at the ball let me wear her mask!

Posing with my ride, he was also a vendor at the ball.

I actually don't know who this is. His name starts with a "D" and he made me swoon. 'Nuff said.

Even the bathrooms were elegant!

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And I have to say that people really REALLY went all out and dressed way the hell up for this ball. I kept saying, " in Seattle just don't dress up like this." Even for our most formal events, in Seattle I've never seen so many beautiful gowns and costumes. I was truly inspired!

Fore a few more pics of the ball, you can check out djeternaldarkne's here:

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