Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

belated birthday celebration

My birthday pole party was fun! It was a great experience being a guest at a pole party after having hosted one the night before. Below are pics of me and sweetestkiss getting a turn on the pole at the party.

pole slide


The party ran late and we rushed off to my dinner at Mongolian Grill. After dinner we had some time to kill before heading to DejaVu, so we went shopping across the street. I picked up a beautiful long, black, gothy wool coat for only $30. Yay!

The strip club was fun too and we were not the only group of girls there celebrating a birthday. There was a great variety of dancers and it was interesting to me to observe the difference between the ones that looked bored out of their minds on stage and the ones who were all high energy, pole tricks, and smiles as they danced. I fell for one of the dancers who caught me staring wide eyed and jaw dropped from the front row. She got a kick out of it and during her dance came down from the stage to pay a ton of attention to myself and my girlfriends. And jonwa, being the only guy in our group, got some as well! I snagged that beautiful dancer as soon as she got off stage and she took my hand in hers as we headed to the VIP room. All for research for my school of course. ;)

There was another dancer whose pole work was very impressive. She could even strip off her thong while hanging upside down from the pole. I gave her my card and told her that if she would come to my studio and teach me some of her tricks, I would gladly pay her for her time. Keep your fingers crossed everybody, I really hope she takes me up on that offer!

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