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pick a dress...quick!

Down to the wire on the Vampire Ball gown choices. Below the cut are pics of the top three contenders with me modeling them. The first one is the dress I actually purchased with the Vampire Ball in mind. To dress it up I laced it up front with silver ribbon and layered it over two sheer black skirts to make it long and flowy like a ball gown. And of course, the rhinestone bra.

The pictures don't do this one justice because the rhinestone bra makes it stunning. I'm definitely going to be noticed and stand out in this dress. Unfortunately the rhinestone bra is not all that comfortable. It's abrasive on my skin. But I can dance in it, and that's what matters.


This is the prom dress, front and back. Because it's more promy than gothy, it needs something to goth it up. And I have brunette hair, which just makes the dress look that much more "normal" rather than Vampire Ball appropriate. I tried my red hair fall from Halloween but it didn't work at all with the dress. And sadly, I have no idea how to do goth make-up. The last resort to make this dress work would be some seriously far out gothy hair. But I'm out of ideas and have never been able to find falls to match brown hair (gothy falls are usually black woven with bright colors). But this would be my first pick if I just had the make-up or hair to make it work:

goth bride goth bride

The PVC gown. It's more "fetish" than ball appropriate. But it's comfortable and looks nice. Most of it is covered with these odd raised bumps on the PVC, you can see them best on the bottom half of the dress. It would work, but certainly doesn't live up to the opportunity that a ball gives you to go all out and dress up.

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Thoughts anyone? Ideas? Suggestions?

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