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sugar = bad

I feel like such a moron. What makes me think I can eat whatever I want and be fine? At the picnic today; one very small bit of chicken (thinking the protein would balance out the sugar later), a little chips and salsa, a donut, some juice that obviously had lots of sugar, one oreo with pop-rocks in the filling, one VERY rich cup of hot chocolate.

I thought I could just take a nap and be fine and make this party tonight. But I feel like HELL! It's hours later and I still feel sick.

I seriously need to watch the sugar. It hurts my body. Studies have shown it inhibits the production of human growth hormone and has some chemical results that are basically like an attack on your collagen. In other words, sugar ages you faster. Not to mention the bad crashes I get from hypoglycemia. You should have seen me at the picnic. Instead of my usual social happy self, I sat there silent for about an hour in a stupid zombie like half dead coma. Just staring off into space...crashing bad from whatever the hell it is all the extra insulin does to me.

I want to cut back and I want to do it now.

Edited to add:A few hours later and some turkey and fresh raw vegetables and I'm starting to feel better. I need to stay away from any sugary stuff at the party tonight.

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