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shoe hand out

Two of my students purchased poles.  One got it on eBay and the other purchased her pole from me.  Needless to say, the one that's been practicing at home on her pole is kicking ass.  

One of my students is having a bit of shoe crisis.  The first time her platform heels prevented her from learning a spin, I asked her if I could try one on to see what the problem was.  The minute I stepped out of my own 6 inch heels and into hers, I felt my feet at different heights.  "This is a 7 inch heel," I told her.

"No," she said.  "They're 6 inches."

I showed her my feet, one with the 6 inch heel and one with her 7 inch heel so she could see the difference.  With surprise she responded, "The girl at the store told me they were 6 inches."  Clearly the girl at the store was wrong, and this poor girl's first ever pair of heels were higher than they need to be.   These shoes continue to cause her problems because they don't have a strap across the heel to hold them on.  So they actually fly off as she spins around the pole.  I'm sure a more experienced dancer can spin without the shoes flying off.  But this is not the case with new students.

I've decided that for the next session I'm going to create an entire shoe hand out.  Basically an 8x10 form showing what 6 inch heels look like and explaining (with illustrations) how chunkier heels are easier to walk in than pointy ones and how shoes need straps on the back so they don't fly off during a spin.  It will also include a map to the store that is offering my students a 20% discount on shoes.

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